Thank You

Thank you for visiting Verismo Opera Theater's new website! We are very excited and proud to present our 2014 season. We could not have been more thrilled at the response we had with our 2013 season!  We started with a bang with our new concept of “OperaRocks” and we gained a lot of momentum throughout the year.  Our production of “La Traviata” was aired on local TV and the press and our growing fan base have shown their support.  Thank you!

I’m thrilled to say that this year, we have assembled an even larger ,very talented and dedicated group of people - Board members, Committee members and Volunteers, Production staff, Stage Directors, and of course some of the best opera singers in the Chicagoland area. Our vision and "modus operandi" could be summed up with a quick look at our name. "Verismo" translates to "realism" from the Italian word "Vero" - true. So, our philosophy is to focus on artistic truth. Opera tells a story, and the music takes us on a journey. We strive to breathe realism to the characters and the poetry and lyrics. We will bring to life the wonderful stories of opera, and we thank you for taking this trip with us! It is an honor to bring our love of art and singing to you our supporters.  Thank you!

With deepest love and respect,

Bradley Schuller

Founder and Artistic Director


We at Verismo Opera Theater see ourselves as a bridge between the audience and performers. To that end, we hope to engage in a dialogue with members of the community. We want to lead a forum of discussion whereby musicians can chat with those who love music. We want to create a common space whereby we all can come together to share our passion for music. We as performers need to reach out to the public and to fill those seats by creating performances that are relevant and truthful.  Society needs to find solace and answers from art and music. People need to be inspired, need to be motivated, need to find an escape. Verismo Opera Theater recognizes the need for affordable, yet artistically viable performances. It is our vision to answer this public need and be in this niche. For our part, we wish to create this public dialogue not only to generate attention to ourselves, but to hopefully increase the demand for live public performances everywhere. By talking about our own passion and reasons for performing, we hope to generate a spark for others to share. Thank you for joining Verismo Opera Theater on this journey of discovery. Our common passion will be our guide as we go forth in the future. 


The mission of Verismo Opera Theater is to engage our audiences by producing relevant, truthful, and
emotionally direct performances. We strive to share with our colleagues and patrons the moment of
recreation by focusing on the essence of the opera – the music and the humanity within the composer’s
score. “Verismo” not only applies to a genre of opera, but rather a philosophy of connecting with our
public the eternal truths inherent in everyday life. An opera is merely a collection of the most pivotal
moments in life written for each character. The journeys that these characters take us on should
resonate with us all as we go through our day-to-day existence. We strive to share on the stage what
we experience in our own lives – love, loss, joy, hope. We recognize that by ourselves, the music is
lifeless. Therefore we need to share with our audiences in order to create art. 

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